Our Work

What if the racial and cultural inequities present in our nation's schools could be addressed and dismantled from within?



At equitable schools, we believe we can close the opportunity gap
 by partnering directly with the teachers that experience and witness these inequities firsthand.

by equipping, mobilizing and empowering our black teachers matter community to identify and dismantle racial and cultural inequity from within, we can close the opportunity gap for the students of color that we serve.


Your silence will not protect you
— Audre Lorde

are you aware of something
inequitable happening in your school?

take action!
identify. apply. act.

Teachers as Change Agents (T.A.C) Fellowship/Grant Application
Coming in 2018.



Mentorship Summit (coming soon)



#MyBlackTeacher is our pilot pop-up conversational series that speaks with people of color in different cities across the U.S. about their K-12 schooling experiences with Black teachers, or lack thereof. If you are interested in being a part of this project, please email akiea@equitableschools.org.

Why Do Black Teachers Matter?

A photo series highlighting Black-identified teachers and advocates who explain why Black teachers are so important for students of color.