equity project: ASCENSION.

we empower students to rise above.



We are developing a project that serves students who have been suspended, expelled and/or incarcerated and their younger peers. Instead of continuing the deficit-based suffering that suspending students causes, we have decided to take a more positive and empowering approach to discipline.

ASCENSION empowers students who have been suspended, expelled and/or formerly incarcerated to make positive changes in their lives by providing opportunities for these students to become mentors to younger students who have also experienced disciplinary inequities.

We believe that by changing the formula, we can change the narrative. Instead of serving suspensions, expulsions or imprisonment, we pair older peer mentors with younger mentees who have had similar experiences in school.

We believe in children.
We believe that children should not be punished for their circumstances. 
And we believe that all children should be given the opportunity to ascend, or rise above, their circumstances by serving as positive role models for younger students who need support.