all children deserve

an equitable education

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We believe that change starts with people, not  institutions.



Mission + Vision


we equip, mobilize and empower our community with tools to advocate for and improve racial and cultural equity in schools.

We believe that every child deserves
an equitable education, 
one that celebrates and appreciates
children, families and teachers for who they are, 
and one that provides opportunities
for liberation, consciousness and self-love/awareness.

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The Facts


We believe that in order to dismantle inequitable systems and structures that perpetuate the opportunity gap, we must do so from WITHIN.


is an initiative that seeks to build a nationwide network of support for Black-identified educators in the profession who support one another and sustain each other in the work.

By curating a community built on empathy and support, we aim to equip and mobilize Black teachers to address systemic inequities from within, thereby creating more equitable schooling environments for students of color.