mission + VISION

Black Teachers Matter.


Black Teachers Matter. It’s simple. There have been many approaches to improving equity in schools—many of which are helpful in certain capacities. Here, we don’t have the antidote or all of the answers—we’ve just decided to take a different approach. Instead of focusing on recruitment and remediation, we prioritize sustainability and support. Instead of directly working with schools, we prioritize working with the teachers, families and students who frequent these schools. We believe that by equipping, mobilizing and empowering communities directly affected by the system, we can prevent the system from taking advantage of our communities. It’s through building community and supporting one another that we believe we have the best chance of disrupting the system at large. This is not to say that we shouldn’t prioritize working directly with schools,

but by ensuring those who work in the schools, those whose children attend schools and those who are direct products of the system, are equipped with the knowledge and tools that will empower them to mobilize and fight for equity and justice, we can disrupt and change the system from the inside out. At least, that is our hope. We are visionaries. We believe in a system where teachers, families and students work alongside one another to improve inequitable circumstances for all of us. We are Dreamers. We know what we want our reality to look like. Activists. Educators. We are Changemakers. Disruptors. Organizers and Entrepreneurs. And we believe that we have what it takes as a community, to do the work from within. Thanks for doing the work. Equity matters. Opportunity matters. Black Teachers Matter.


Akiea Gross
Founder, Educator-in-Chief