#MyBlackTeacher: Spread the Narrative.

#MyBlackTeacher is a pop-up testimonial, conversational series that will speak with people of color in different cities across the U.S. about their K-12 schooling experiences with Black teachers, or lack thereof.

Why is this important?
Black Teachers represent only 7% of the educator workforce, yet, research shows that Black teachers have higher expectations for Black students and are more likely to recommend students of color for gifted and talented programs. Equitable Schools believes it is essential to raise awareness about these inequities in the workforce, including the power of visibility and the impact that equitable racial and cultural experiences have on students in the classroom and in life. If you are interested in being a part of this project, please email akiea@equitableschools.org.

Currently conversing in: New York City.

equitable schools initiatives will focus on recruitment, Retainment and support of teachers of color. We are currently designing a recruitment program and are looking for people to be apart of the team.

We are currently raising funds to support these initiatives via our T-Shirt fundraiser, "Black Teachers Matter". 

to get involved:

contact: akiea@equitableschools.org