Did you know?

Students of color are disproportionately affected by educational inequities as early as preschool.


Black students... 

are 3.6 times as likely to receive one or more out-of-school suspensions as white preschool children.

represent 19 percent of preschool enrollment, but nearly half of children receiving out-of-school suspensions

are routinely taught by teachers with minimal experience, in schools that have less access to educational resources

are referred to law enforcement (27%) and subject to school-related arrests (31% of the referred population)

are far more likely to be held back a grade (retained) than their white peers


Black boys...

represent 19 percent of male preschool enrollment, but make up 45% of children suspended from preschool

are more likely to be referred for special education services

are twice as likely as their white peers to be held back in elementary school

are half as likely to graduate college


Black girls...

represent 20 percent of female preschool enrollment, but make up 54% of student suspensions

are routinely given much harsher punishments than their white, female peers

are more likely to be retained in school

are more likely to face sexual harassment in school than their peers

English Language Learners

are more likely to be taught by inexperienced teachers

are disciplined at higher rates than their white peers

are taught in schools with limited science and math offerings

are retained a grade at higher rates than their white peers